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Adult diaper basics class (1)

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The basics of adult diapers

  Adult diapers can be roughly divided into "diapers" worn on the outside and "diapers" worn on the inside. Please select the most suitable combination of diapers and diapers and the care mode by combining the hope of the cared for with the mode of excreting care.

  In the process of excretory care, in order to make both the cared for and caregivers can live comfortably, it is important to master the body state and life rules of the users of adult diapers, so as to choose the most suitable combination of diapers and diapers.

  1. Start with choosing a diaper to wear outside:

The key point of selection: according to the "can automatically walk", "can sit up" and other body states, as well as the user's preferences, body shape to choose.


  2. Then choose the built-in diaper:

The key point of selection: according to "daily use", "night use" and other urine volume or condition to choose.

Choose the most suitable diaper:

①、Underpants type:

A diaper worn by a person who has the opportunity to defecate in the toilet.

JINXIN adult diaper

men adult diaper

There are light and thin models that can absorb about 1 to 2 urine volumes, and long time comfort models that can absorb about 4 to 5 urine volumes. If used with a diaper, it can be replaced more easily and cost less.

②、Paste pants type:

It is suitable for most people who live in bed.

Adult diaper with high absorption

It has the absorbability of 2 to 4 times of urine volume. If it is used with the diaper, it can enhance the absorbability, and it is easier to change, and the cost is relatively economic.

Choose the most suitable diaper

Diaper: A diaper used inside a sticky or panty type diaper. According to the different styles of goods, there are various sizes, absorption. Please choose according to the condition of the person being cared for and the time of use.

①、Diaper for pants

Because it is a special diaper for panty type diapers, you can live comfortably if you use it correctly.

overnight adult diaper

②、Daily replacement diaper


Easy to adhere to the shape of the sticky diaper, absorb 1 ~ 2 times of urine volume. Suitable for daytime use.



Can absorb 3 ~ 6 times of urine volume, there are straight and hip widened type, and strengthen the design of leakage, so that the middle of the night do not have to get up to change the night one is at ease. By reducing the number of overnight changes, both caregivers and caregivers can enjoy a good night's sleep and a long, secure life.

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