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Automatic Vending Hospital Sanitary Pads Machine

  • JX-SN-44
  • OEM
  • 8441809000

Automatic Vending Hospital Sanitary Pads Machine

This machine can produce the ultra-thin type sanitary napkin with wings,which is straight packing. The sanitary napkin size from 180mm to 410mm.

We can also customize sanitary napkins through quick packaging, personalized packaging and direct packaging.

Main technical parameters

Designed   speed: 160m/min
Running speed:600pcs/min
Product   Size: Single type (product   lengh can according to customers'require)
Capacity:140kw 380V, 50 HZ   (Including glue Applicators
Practical   capacity:100kw Breaker:   400A 
Electricity:3phases 4 lines  Cable: 3x70mm2+1x50mm2+1x25mm2
The lowest air   pressure: ≥0.6mpa, 1.3m3/min
Total weight:about 35Tons
Noise: <80db (A)
Main machine   overall dimensions:(22x5x3)M (LxWxH)
Machine taking   total space:(26x9x4)M (LxWxH)
Container: 2x40HQ

Optional device:

1.Perfume adding device

2.Inner core printing device

3.ADL adding device

4.Counting machine


  • Q Is it difficult to operate the mask machine? What is the productivity?

    Jinxin mask machine equipment manufacturer is a research and development, production, sales in one of the non-woven fabric deep processing machinery manufacturers, for a variety of mask machine semi-automatic equipment and fully automated equipment, its operation steps are too complex, what are the production steps of masks?
    Production steps of mask:

    1). The inner layer of the mask is formed, and the shape of the mask is made by hot pressing with the shaping cotton;
    2). The outer mask can be formed by using non-woven cloth, fusible spraying cloth, activated carbon non-woven cloth and other materials to make flap mask;
    3). Multi-mask pressing, the inner and outer mask pressing, usually three to five layers of hood molding;
    4). Cut the edge, cut out the excess edge of the pressed mask to leave the complete shape of the mask
    5). The nose line is fitted. The mask can use the nose line to adjust the wearing position.
    6). The ear band shall be welded. The ear band shall be welded to both ends of the mask.
    7). Procedures of mask processing, packaging and disinfection

    The above is the mask machine production mask steps, in fact, the operation is relatively simple, direct feeding boot can, but the machinery to remember regular maintenance and maintenance, mask production can be perfectly solved.
  • Q How can we know the quality of your machine?


    Customers can send material to us and then we use our machine to manufacture finished products which will be re-sent to customers.

  • Q What's the machine lead time?


    For the standard machines, we can delivery within 15 days. If it is customized by customer(OEM), the lead time is 20-30 days.

  • Q Is it difficult to install the machine?


     The work shop should prepare full facility such as power and air compressor. For the first installation, engineer will be sent to set machine and do the machine training as long as manual instruction. For the further problems come out, we can provide video instruction as well.

  • Q How is the after sales service?


    We provide 1 year guaranty and technical support lifetime. Main machine's parts can be replaced for free within 1 year if broken(excluding error operation ).

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