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Can I use a tampon while swimming?

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 Can I use a tampon while swimming?


  Tampons block blood flow, so they can be used for swimming, snorkeling and deep diving without pressure. However, tampons can be damp after swimming, so remember to replace them immediately.

  Here's how to place a tampon before swimming:

  Be sure to wash your hands before use, because when we have menstruation, the menstrual hole will open, so not washing will lead to bacteria to invade our private parts. Don't think it's too much trouble to be in public and wash your hands when you're ready to go swimming. Then open the tampon and gently push it into the vagina, but for virgins must be careful when using this product, or it may cause their virginity touch damage.

  And in the use of their own mental above do not have too much thought burden, because because the virgin more delicate will have a little bit of pain. If it's really hard to push, you can use it after your period and it's a little bit easier. But if there's really intense pain or discomfort, take it out. The use time of the tampon will be longer than the use time of our ordinary sanitary napkins, but not more than 6 hours. Otherwise, you get bacteria and you get an infection.

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