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Can women run during their periods?

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Can women run during their periods?

The effects of menstruation on running

Hormone levels go up and down from month to month, and our bodies, moods and even appetites seem to change accordingly. Most of the changes we experience occur in the week before our period, and these changes are collectively known as premenstrual syndrome. About 40 percent of women have some degree of premenstrual syndrome, which can include abdominal cramps, edema, fatigue and other discomfort. Given these physical changes, it's reasonable to think that running would be affected.

In the week before menstruation, many women feel tired and run slower than usual; Sometimes you feel a burst of energy in the first few days after your period.

"Some studies show that women are in luteal phase, the running efficiency will decrease, which means that at the same speed takes more effort", Ontario, Canada, fowler Kennedy junior sports medicine clinic sports medicine, m.d., director of the health room constance lai said, "although no one can be absolutely certain of this, But high progesterone levels during the luteal phase can cause a rise in body temperature, breathing rate and heart rate. In addition, the body stores more water during the second half of the period. All of these factors can make running more difficult."

Does this mean you shouldn't run the week before your period? Not really. Even though you run less efficiently during the second half of your period, your body's ability to store glycogen and burn fat increases. "Estrogen speeds up the breakdown of glycogen and breaks down free fatty acids through metabolism," Leblen says. "That means you burn more fat when you run, and your glycogen reserves last longer, so your endurance gets better and you can keep running longer."


Science's advice on menstrual exercise for women:

The advice of doctors with different experiences and different departments varies, which can be roughly divided into the following three:

A:Control the amount of exercise and do not exercise with high intensity, large amount of exercise and long time

B:pay attention to keep warm, sweat after exercise pay attention to prevent wind and cold

C:Not suitable for swimming

Note: For dyspenorrhea, menorrhagia or menstrual disorders, please exercise selectively under the guidance of a professional fitness instructor or consult a specialist for advice.

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