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Menstrual care tips that are more attentive than your boyfriend

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Menstrual care tips that are more attentive than your boyfriend

I believe that a lot of boys do not understand the pain of a girl's period, you said to her boyfriend: "I have my period", her boyfriend will always answer "remember to drink more hot water". Love dearly to embrace their own weak ~


The arrival of each menstruation is a bloody survival test, many girls will also have strong symptoms of dyspenorrhea, severe can appear pale, with repeated attacks of the menstrual cycle. Do not think that the girl who does not have dyspenorrhea will be good where to go, the leakage after the side dew is the problem that can worry these days, turn over in the evening also have to be careful, but often unavoidable with the embarrassment of the sheet.


Since the boyfriend is unreliable, that might as well take a look at Jin Xin first, to help you solve the various problems of menstruation.

Leakage after side leakage

Anyway, every time to menstruation, I dare not wear light-colored pants, always worried about accidentally spill a little, think about all embarrassed to no good. If two girls are walking side by side and one of them suddenly slows down and walks behind, there is no doubt that she is helping the other girl to see if her aunt has let it out. Let alone do extensive exercise, even at night to turn over also have to be careful, or face the next day up to wash the sheets of embarrassment. There is even worse possibility that, after a night of careful sleep, the moment of sitting up in the morning blood flow, ordinary sanitary napkins can not absorb so much blood in a short time, which will cause side leakage leakage, the work is lost.

The use of tampon, the above troubles will not exist, the built-in tampon, instantly absorb menstrual blood from the source, not afraid of leakage, clothes at will wear! Especially in the summer, the real sense of freedom, absolute net enjoyment, you deserve to have!


Skin problems during menstruation

Women who may always pay attention to their skin problems have found that before menstruation, the skin will become very bad. The problems such as oil, acne, and pores come one after another.

In the real period, the ovaries estrogen secretion drops, endometrial renewal, this time your skin will become transparent and delicate. Grasp the skin care during menstruation visit, can achieve double the result with half the effort.

Menstruation due to the body of flavonoids fluctuated, resulting in the skin oil secretion, so many women will appear large pores, acne and other problems. During menstruation, melanin is produced more easily than usual under ultraviolet light due to increased metabolism, resulting in spots.

It is recommended to use refreshing moisturizing skin care products and sunscreen products.


During menstruation, your skin becomes fragile and prone to dehydration. Therefore, you should do a good job of hydrating to replenish enough water for your skin, so that you can have a good skin that is moist and transparent after menstruation.

Try tampons to avoid side leaks and sleep through the night. Remember to use skin care products oh, good sleep and targeted skin care, skin transparent white, menstrual no longer annoying.


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