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Nine benefits of using a tampon

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Nine benefits of using a tampon

In fact, not only in the coastal areas, many when you have your little girl in the early period, are recommended to use sanitary napkins, because health cotton non-invasive feature, easily the breakthrough for the first time the user's heart, but with a few times after the menstrual flow experience, many women will choose "mid-career", switching to a more without the burden of sliver, the outcome is usually "a try to customers", after used sliver, I can only say goodbye to the sanitary napkin apologetically! And what kind of magic does a tampon have, so many girls can not do without it? Let's explore the secret attraction of tampons.

1. First, tampons are easier to put in than you might think

It may take a few more tries for the inexperienced user, but once you've managed to find the vaginal entrance and the right Angle, tampons can slip in easily and painlessly. Plus, every brand of tampons comes with instructions (some even have pictures or instructional models!). Teach you how to find the right Angle and placement depth. If you are using it for the first time, it is recommended to try it in front of a mirror to help reduce your nervousness.

2. Get rid of damp heat and rashes and odors

Because the menstrual blood has been absorbed by tampons before it is discharged from the body and causes bad odor, using tampons can not only keep the private parts dry and comfortable, but also avoid the odor of menstrual blood after contact with the air! If you want a further fresh feeling, there are also many foreign brands of tampons with fragrance, so that you can also send out charming fragrance during the physiological period. It should be noted that the tampon must be replaced within four to eight hours (according to the amount of flow to do the replacement, in school, company, or at the beach is about eight hours a day! Do not exceed), is the correct way to use clean and healthy oh!


3. Play lying down, sitting down, lying down, no matter how big the action is

Have you ever planned a trip with friends, but you can't do water activities because you're having your period? Have you ever had your period blood on your clothes because you moved too much? Or are you afraid to wear light-colored pants because you're menstruating? My dear, tampons are the perfect partner to help you avoid this dilemma. No matter you are doing much exaggerated action, it will obediently stay in your body will not move, let you confidently through the period, no longer because of fear of leakage and dare not lie prone to go!

4. Tampons are inside your body for taking a shower or going to the toilet

Many girls wonder: Can I go to the bathroom after using a tampon? The answer is, of course!

Different flow, tampons need to be replaced after about four to eight hours (be sure to remember to replace!) If you need to go to the bathroom in the meantime, just be careful not to contaminate the string. You do not need to take out the tampon. Therefore, you do not need to change tampons every time you take a shower or go to the bathroom

5. No matter how much flow you have, you can sleep until dawn

Have you ever used a tampon at night (40cm is already covering your hips!) And still get the sheets dirty when you turn over? Tampons, although they have butterfly wings to help them stay in place, can move around during sleep, causing displacement and leakage. Tampons, like tampons, come in different sizes. You can choose from a variety of brands to use at night. Once you use tampons, you can greatly reduce the chance of getting dirty on your sheets (and basically don't get dirty at all if you use them properly), keeping your sleep dry and secure until dawn!

6. Learn more about your body

Many girls have only read about vaginas in high school health textbooks, and seem to have no idea what their bodies are made of, as if their private parts are a "mystery." Using tampons allows girls to know more about themselves and learn to cherish and love themselves more!


7. Light and convenient, easy to carry in your bag

Menstruation, if you want to go out, have to carry several pieces of sanitary cotton on the body, you often in order to put cotton cotton with a small bag? Or take your entire bag with you to the bathroom to avoid the minor embarrassment of pulling out the cotton? Or even, have you ever left that little bag of cotton in the bathroom? Tampons are the answer to your worries. They are small and light, so you can not only ease the burden on your bag, but just put one in your pocket or hold it in your hand when you go to the bathroom without worrying about being seen by others.

Tampons are not as expensive as you might think

You want to try a tampon, but you're afraid of the cost? In fact, the cost of using a tampon or tampon during a menstrual cycle is about the same, and the factor that determines how much you spend is actually the brand! Generally speaking, the replacement frequency of tampons is higher than that of tampons, which may be the reason for the higher cost of tampons users. In addition, tampons can be difficult to place in low flow because the vagina is not moist enough, so it is best to buy low-flow tampons for use near the end of your period. Besides, tampons and tampons need to be purchased in different sizes, and using tampons won't particularly cost you in the long run

9. Forget that you're having your period and find your feminine smile

Honey, when you no longer have something between your legs to remind you that you're on your period, when the discomfort is lessened, and there are fewer unexpected soiled clothes and sheets, so will the emotional ups and downs of your period. Especially if you are prone to depression and irritability when your period comes, try tampons! You'll find your smile brighter and more attractive, and you may even forget that you're having your period.

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