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When should YOU not use a tampon?

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When should YOU not use a tampon?

Tampons are indeed more convenient than sanitary napkins. First of all, the insertion design is more suitable for the body and there is no leakage. If you go out, it is much more convenient than sanitary napkins.

1. In the period has not yet arrived, they began to use tampons.

Why it's dangerous: If your vagina is dry, putting tampons in can cause minor scrapes, allowing bacteria to get in the way.

Safety measures: with sanitary pads for prevention, until the real menstruation to switch to tampons.


2. Have sex while using tampons.

Why it's dangerous: The tampon can get deep inside the body, allowing bacteria to grow and causing serious infections.

Safety measure: should take it out immediately, if forget and cannot pull out, want to seek gynecologist to help.

3. When a large number of secretions appear.

Why it's dangerous: Obstructing abnormal secretions (especially odorous ones) can make the situation worse.

Safety precautions: Tell your gynecologist about the situation and stop using tampons if it proves to be infected.


4. The tampon is not replaced for more than 8 hours after it is put in.

Why it's dangerous: Over time, bacteria begin to grow and release toxins.

Safety measures: replace every 4~6 hours, if the amount of the night is large, to be replaced in time in the morning of the next day.

5. At the end of the delivery should not be selected tampons.

Lochia can be a hassle for new mothers after childbirth, but tampons are just the thing to avoid. However, it is not recommended to use tampons if it is not clear whether there is a vaginal wound, and the specific time of use should follow the doctor's instructions.

The above 5 taboos are women who must pay attention to when using tampons. Although tampons are more convenient than sanitary pads, it is precisely because of this convenience that it also provides more convenient conditions for the breeding of bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to timely replacement, as well as the above several matters needing attention.

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