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Why does a tampon in the right place have no sensation, no sensation in that area?

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Why does a tampon in the right place have no sensation, no sensation in that area?

As any woman who has used a tampon knows, it can be uncomfortable to place the tampon in the wrong place and feel foreign matter. But put it in the right place (which is exactly where the catheter can be pushed, estimated to be about 10 centimeters), and you can forget the tampon is there at all.


First of all, we will introduce the nerve distribution of the vagina. Each section of the vagina responds differently to sexual stimulation. The outer 1/3 of the vagina is differentiated from the ectoderm, which is rich in nerve fibers, so the nerve endings that respond to touch are only concentrated near the vaginal opening. The inner two-thirds of the vagina comes from the mesoderm and has no nerve endings, so the outer one-third of the vagina is more sexual than the inner two-thirds.

Two thirds of the vagina is not sensitive to pain and touch, because its nerve innervation comes from the autonomic nervous system, and these nerves only participate in local blood circulation control and deep sensation through its annulus cordillage, and the rest of the sensory nerves have disappeared. On the contrary, the external third of the vagina and the lower urethra are sensitivities to the pudinal nerves, which are known to feel and do like mechanical stimulation. The G spot is located in this area, making it the most important emotional area in the vagina.

From the point of view of sexual medicine to explore the vaginal mystery of the answer to this, basically also answered the question. (Also: Vagina period of two-thirds of the nerve sensitivity is weak, usually female vaginal there are 7-12 cm depth, the width can accommodate two fingers, vaginal depth at least a third more excited, width will increase, it is 16 cm long, wide and three fingers, this is can say that male organs in supporting a conservative estimate of the above is less than the size of scale, So it's best not to believe that size doesn't matter.

In neurophysiology, there is a concept called receptor adaptation. That is, when a constant intensity of stimulus continues to act on a receptor, the frequency of the action potential on the sensory nerve fibers gradually decreases, this phenomenon is called receptor adaptation. According to this concept, receptors can be divided into fast adaptation receptors and slow adaptation receptors. The former is represented by skin touch receptors (you don't remember wearing clothes until you think about them for a while).The latter is represented by muscle spindles, carotid sinus and joint capsule receptors. This adaptation is a slight weakening of impulse frequency shortly after the beginning of stimulation, which can be maintained for a long time. For example, there will not be a particularly large adaptation of pain, or it will lose its alarm significance. We should be more concerned about the first third of the nerve adaptation of the vagina, can be summarized to the range of fast adaptation, that is, the foreign body sensation caused by the tampon, even without adjustment, will produce adaptation phenomenon in a period of time, weakened.

You won't feel the tampon inside you. If it feels like that, you're not going deep enough. Remove it and replace it with a new tampon. Try to push the outer tube into the vagina slightly before pushing the inner tube through the outer tube.

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